Thursday, March 22, 2007

Severe Computer Syndrome

Lately, I discovered that I have some kind of disease...
The symptoms are:

1. Trying to find physically existing things using Ctrl+F:
I noticed this issue before about five months when I lost my keys, and instead of looking for them, I started looking for the Ctrl+F buttons.
(seriously, I started thinking: "where would I found them")

2. Waiting for the red dotted line (spelling correction) to appear while writing on papers:
I think this symptom appears at an advanced phase of the syndrome.

3. Trying to uninstall people from your life:
Some annoying guys have to have an uninstall feature.

p.s 1: There is other people suffering similar symptoms, and up to my knowledge there is no name for such a syndrome... so I can name it Ahmad Syndrome.
p.s 2: Do you have any similar symptom? and do I need any kind of surgery???

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