Monday, September 24, 2007

My Fisrt Tag

I've been tagged by 7aki Fadi before kamshet ayyam. I was a little busy and a lot msa66el.
The tag was:
Why do you wish you were three? Give me at least 5 reasons. And if you want ot tag someone else go ahead.

So, here we goes:

  1. Dad and Mum would be happy to see me asleep at 8 AM, and no one would try to wake me up.
  2. Everything I do would be considered nice and creative, I don't mean that this has ended ;)
  3. miner events (like buying new white shoes) would make me extremely happy.
  4. Dad would tell the story of "Abu Mahmud and Abu Mas3ood".
  5. I could slap any adult I hate while he is laughing :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Splendor... a new ISP

Today I have received a spam email from Splendor Telecom which was an advertisement about ADSL subscription for 89 JDs annually, and don't ask what speed you'll get for this subscription because I don't know, and they didn't mentioned it.
Their website is under construction, so I sent them an email for the offer details, and I'm waiting for a response.

I googled splendor and I found that there is a Lebanese branch for the company that is concerned mainly about VOIP services. I searched more and I found a profile for Jordan branch at Ali Baba.

So, it seems that it is a new ISP (or at least new for me). Do you know anything about them?

We have to do something about this

A Jordanian blogger (who-sane) and his family went through horrible 9 days because of the irresponsibility of some employees in Prince Hamza Hospital (a public hospital in Amman).
Read his story

This is a big issue, not only because of what who-sane and his family went through, but also because we can't know who's the next victim. It might be you, me or anybody.
I believe its not the first time something like this happens, but it must be the last. Hence,
I think the government should take a serious action in response to this tragedy, if you think the same do something about it.
Write about this in a newspaper, a magazine or at least in your blog, try to use the power of the Jordanian blogsphere.

Update: check this interesting post in IDEAS blog.