Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Splendor... a new ISP

Today I have received a spam email from Splendor Telecom which was an advertisement about ADSL subscription for 89 JDs annually, and don't ask what speed you'll get for this subscription because I don't know, and they didn't mentioned it.
Their website is under construction, so I sent them an email for the offer details, and I'm waiting for a response.

I googled splendor and I found that there is a Lebanese branch for the company that is concerned mainly about VOIP services. I searched more and I found a profile for Jordan branch at Ali Baba.

So, it seems that it is a new ISP (or at least new for me). Do you know anything about them?


Anonymous said...

YES, I had got a new ADSL line from these guys last week... there service is great. They are new and from what I understood they are planning to launch big soon in jordan.

Ahmad Saleh said...

They have lunched in silence here in Jordan at the first of September.

They have great offers, their prices are the best in Jordan (~5 JD/3 months less than the lowest price)

I believe you are from Lebanon, since they have business there too.
I'm going to subscribe to ADSL in a couple of days but I think I wouldn't take the risk and I'll subscribe to Batelco not Splendor.