Monday, September 24, 2007

My Fisrt Tag

I've been tagged by 7aki Fadi before kamshet ayyam. I was a little busy and a lot msa66el.
The tag was:
Why do you wish you were three? Give me at least 5 reasons. And if you want ot tag someone else go ahead.

So, here we goes:

  1. Dad and Mum would be happy to see me asleep at 8 AM, and no one would try to wake me up.
  2. Everything I do would be considered nice and creative, I don't mean that this has ended ;)
  3. miner events (like buying new white shoes) would make me extremely happy.
  4. Dad would tell the story of "Abu Mahmud and Abu Mas3ood".
  5. I could slap any adult I hate while he is laughing :)


7aki Fadi said...

HAHAHAAH at number 5

I wish i can do that

Ahmad Saleh said...

tell me about it...