Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tuff decision, really tuff

Last week I had an offer from a company to work for, that offer was really good.
Working for it would give me an excellent start in my career path; the first few weeks they would give me simple tasks to find out my weak points, and to strengthen me in those.
And up to my knowledge, they follow some rules in there work (in designing, coding, ...), and they have a professional atmosphere.
I'm not saying that it is perfect, but it is a very good IT company

The problem is that I'm currently working for a good company too, which is the first company to work for in my career (I've been here for four months).
I'm so satisfied here; I made a lot of friends here, and I'm appreciated here.

Last Wednesday I have signed the contract with the new company, to start working for them at the first of July, and at Thursday I send my resignation request.
My manager called me, and my resignation request was discussed. He promised me to have a high raise at the next evaluation (which will take place after less than 6 months), this raise would be between 43% - 57% of my current salary.
The manager said that we have some problems in the company and they are being solved now, and he asked me to think again in my decision.

Thinking, thinking, thinking...
Grrrrrrr, I'm so comfortable here, but working for the other company would give me a better experience, and better salary (but the salary is not really a decisive factor)

I'm really confused, any advice...


Anonymous said...


1- The grass is definitely not greener at the other side.

2- NEVER EVER LEAVE FOR MONEY especially here in Jordan.

3- being comfortable at your work place is much more important than any other thing

4- In both ways (leaving or staying) you will end up saying “WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF”

So my advice to you –And I have four years of experience in the domain -is to give your current position a chance..

one final v. Important thing : Salat al este'7arah..

Ahmad Saleh said...


1. In the company I work for now, they sometimes do the work in a way like "Just get the work done, however how do you do it" and this is the big issue. Specially, that I am in the beginning and I want to learn to do things in the right way.

2. That is not a major factor, however, I have to ignore it totally as you say.

3. You are right, that is not easy to find. But maybe if I want succeed in my career I have to lose some things. Until now I'm don't know how comfortable I would be in the other company!

4. Yea, that must be considered.

about este5ara, I did it twice, but nothing is clear til now...

Anonymous, thank you a lot, really thanx. All you said have to be considered

Mohanned said...

Just one rule in business, your manager knows now that you are undependable, You should have talked to him before you resigned..

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mohanned now. I think your current manager has been alearted to your intetion to leave right now. And will look for alternatives if you decide to leave!

I think you have already made the decision. You are going to the new company. You just want to know if staying is better for you.

Well, to tell you the truth? These things are not set. You might like it, you might hate it. But you need to do what makes you feel satisfied!

Besides, if you're good, they would welcome you back!

One thing is certain, standing still is the worst thing you could do!

Ahmad Saleh said...

mohanned: what should I told the manager? when I sent him my resignation I was sure that I'm not staying.
mmmm, You know, it is so difficult to stay in the company as if nothing was happened. Thanx mohanned.

qwaider: Yes, Unfortunately things are not set, any choice have its risks. Thanx qwaider.

7aki Fadi said...

You already resigned and made your descion, Stick with it.

And as Q said, if you are good, they will welcome you back!

Anonymous said...

الشركة اللي بتعرفها احسن من اللي بتعرفهاش.

Ahmad Saleh said...

7aki: Yes, I think I had.

Anonymous: I know that my company is great in things, but bad in other things.

Thanx both

Ahmad Saleh said...

I made my mind, I'm not staying...
and I told my manager.
I hope that I've took the right decision.

Thanx to all of you.

Sam said...

good luck at the new company

Ahmad Saleh said...

thanx sam

Opairah said...

اذا بدك تحيرو خيرو
والله القرار مو سهل أبو حميد ،،، مو عارف شو أحكي على كل حال الله يوفقك بشغلك الجديد وان شاء الله تشوف على وجهه الخير
وعقبال ما نفرح فيك وندبك بعرسك

Ahmad Saleh said...

Thanx opairah, enshallah bnorgos b3orsak ;)