Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amman in White

It is unexpectedly snowing in Amman, geeeeeeeeeemaaaaaail.

I'm at work now, and I don't now how I'm ganna go home if it continued like this.
BTW, I tried to publish this post earlier using my SonyEricsson K800i mobile, but I failed to and failing cost me 0.5 JD. Waaaaaaaaaaaa3.


nasimjo said...

5allei ZAIN - 3alamon bejannen tfeedak :D

Anonymous said...

It's not exactly a surprise since I watched the weather forecast :d And it's not really snowing, it stopped and the snow is already melting. Bas Zain is msharteh today, you got that one right hehehe

Ahmad Saleh said...

nasim: zain are 7arameyyah, but their service is better than the other companies.

khouloud: Jordan meteo. dept. was unsure about the rain, and said nothing about snowing.
Even AccuWeather.com didn't mention snow yesterday :(

p.s: Lessatni fe el sho3'ol ;(