Sunday, July 29, 2007


Before a couple of months I was extremely confused about leaving Info2cell to start a new career in Progress Soft.
That time, deep inside me I knew that working for Progress Soft would give me a better experience, and better start for my career. On the other hand, I knew that I would not be as comfortable as I was in Info2cell (at least not at the beginning).
Amazingly, that was so true :)

For now, I'm so pleased that almost everything gone as I expected (that proves that I'm always right ;) )
One thing I did not expected; here in progressSoft THEY DO NOT TURN ON THE AIR CONDITION.

For some problems in electricity, every time they turn on the air conditions the electricity goes down.

If you don't know, the temperature these days in Amman is around 40° C

I really can't handle it anymore.
The company is doing there best to solve the problem, but nothing was done until now.


Sam said...

ya rab it will get better in the next few shows the temp as 32degrees in amman on my desktop as apposed to the 20degrees we have here..of course it is still morning here...uggh...i hate the heat...waaaaaahhh
im glad u r happy with your decision to change jobs:)

Ahmad Saleh said...

Yes, its getting better :) Sunday was unbelievable.

thanks a lot sam.