Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I had a great opportunity

When I resigned from my ex-company I was really confused about my decision of leaving Info2cell to work for ProgressSoft. Once, when my manager was discussing my decision of leaving, I told him -joking- if he could let me make my last decision after working there for a month. Unexpectedly, he refused :D

After one and a half months of leaving Info2cell alot of resignations took place there, my manager was one of those who resigned, and the development department there lost many good employees.
These circumstances led the company to have outsourcing in a local company which is managed by my ex-team leader in Info2cell who resigned a week before I did.
The great thing is that after the new changes in Info2cell, I was asked to work with them again with a new offer, YAY.
Without alot of thinking about it I refused to -and that doesn't mean the Info2cell is a bad company, but it means that ProgressSoft is a great one-.

The great thing is that I won't ever in my life regret leaving, since I had the opportunity to make my decision after working for the two companies.
Isn't that great, thanks God for this opportunity.


The Observer said...

I am glad it worked better for you.

I alway fear taking such decision of leaving the company I work for because I might end up in a bad working environment.

I used to think that info2cell has better working environment than progress soft, now it seems not!

Ahmad Saleh said...

Thanx observer. Yes, it was a tough decision, specially that I was comfortable there.
And Yes, I believe that progress soft has a professional and better working environment.