Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The first Arabic blog ever

Yesterday I was browsing the successful Arabic bloggers society "Dwwen",I went to there archive, and surprisingly I discovered that the first arabic blog was founded at least in 1969!!!

The arabian pioneer was Sugar Cubes, at that time in 1969 AMD was founded, Intel was founded a year before that and Linus Torvalds was born specifically on that year.
Again, we "the arabs" proves to the world that we have a history.

if you are asking: "why the arabs stopped blogging for about 34 year?"
I guess they didn't, but maybe they face a problem in Punching the cards :)
and probably they wanted to enhance the blog with some images
I cant imagine the needed time to encode an image on a punch card

*I hope this post would not offend neither dwwen nor Sugar Cubes because I respect both of them.
*I'll send dwwen a link to this post to fix the problem.


Anonymous said...

I guess all the blogers died in the 69 war.

7aki Fadi said...

Anonymous: LOL.