Wednesday, April 18, 2007

100 Things to Do Before I Die

I decided to make a list of 100 things I would like to do before I die. You may think that 100 is too much, BUT NO, MY LIFE WORTH MORE...
the list will start with few things, then it will grow up...

lets start:

1. Do Bungee Jumping: wow, I think this will be the last thing to do...
2. Make a journey to at least 30 countries.
3. Climb a really big mountain.
4. Learn a new language and use it: even if it was the deaf language.
5. Scuba diving: 7aki fadi put this in my mind.
6. Walk in the outer space.
7. Quit smoking: if just I can forget that I'm a smoker.
8. Carry my own child between my hands and say "Yel3an Abook/Abooki".
9. Go up in a hot-air balloon.
10. Have my own car.
11. Work at Google in the creativity team.
12. Suffer from thinness.
13. Meet my life partner: She must be motadayyeneh, clever, sociable, good looking, and for sure love me ;)
14. Be a SCJP: thats as a beginning, I started studying for that last week.
done :D, upgraded to: Be a SCWCD (Sun Certified Web Component Developer)
done too, YAHOOO, I'm now a SCWCD... no interests for other certifications this year :)
15. Have my own business: someday I'll have a wonderful idea, then I'll start my own IT business :)
16. Travel to Palestine: I haven't saw Palestine before nor my original town "Beit Mahseer".
17. Keep praying without missing any prayer.
18. Complete this list :)

wait for more...


Anonymous said...

I've bungee jumped. It was so much fun! I was only about 12 at the time, but I'd do it again. You don't need to wait until it's the last thing you do, go for it now.
I have a list like this as well. I love the feeling when I get to cross something off!

7aki Fadi said...

hey Ahmad, great Idea, I might steal it and post something.

OK going down the list.

1) I bungee swinged which is a bit safer than the bungee jump but fun fun fun too, so they take you up up up and instead of falling down you fall down then swing, lots of fun.

2) That’s my dream too so lets see I have been to 6 countries only :(

3) did that tooo but not very big, Rum mountain was pretty good start, check it on my blog, maybe kilimingaro next for me ?

4) yah that would be fun, I wish I could speak French.

5)do it do it.

6)wow, that's a tough one to achieve man but a dream is a dream :).

7)very important so you can achieve the 100 espeially number 3, this should go to number one Ahmad :)

8)lol, yah I tell my daughter that all the time, so did you meet the right person? is that why it's not on the list?

9)wow that would be fun, I want to do that too :)

10) it's not that great really, just another responsibility/expense

11) wow, if you go there can you find me a job too?

12) ha?

Anonymous said...

hehehe, I did some of that already ;-)

But yeah, sky diving and bungee jumping are on my list too
Now if I could find a partner that would help me achieve these... that would be my #1 on my list

Ahmad Saleh said...

emily: you bungee jumped at the age of 12!!! WAW...
I have some kind of height-phobia, so I guess my heart will stop before jumping. Thats why it must the last thing to do :)

7aki: GRRRRRRRR, I envy you :)

2) I've been to 2 countries... WAAAA3
7) The problem that I'm not that interested in achieving this one.
8) I didn't met the right person yet, I must write that in.

qwaider: we can help each other in achieving that :)

7aki Fadi said...

Hey, you updated the list. Good stuff.

I would love to go to Palestine too.