Saturday, May 5, 2007

Are You Hungry?

barbecue 1

This barbecue took place last week in our house's garden.

barbecue 2

I was the chef :)


Me said...

Sa77a w Hana

Anonymous said...

What's that brown stuff in the middle? Did the Kabab fall off the skewer?

sa7tain oo meet 3afyeh

Amani AbuQdais أماني أبوقديس said...

Nice! first time to visit this blog to find yummy pictures infront of me! :D :D sa77a!

Ahmad Saleh said...

summer: 3ala 2albek

qwaider: yes it did :(
I don't know how to prevent it from falling.
konet met2ammel ma 7ada yekshifni...

Kanji_chan: welcome to you, I hope enno el blog wa el2akel 3ajabooki :)

Anonymous said...


July i will have hash wa nash


7aki Fadi said...


For kofta: you need special wide flat skewers and they won't fall off. and maybe some bread crumbs? just a tiny bit?

By the way I never made kofta BBQ so 3am batfalsaf..LOL..bas mama used to use those flat skewers.

The bread crumbs though, this is how you make burgers and I am thinking burgers are close to kofta.

Unknown said...

ana jo3et

Anonymous said...

Thanks God, I never thought I'd live long enough to see what meet looks like :)

Ahmad Saleh said...

th14: sa77a o 3afyeh, tensash te3zemni ;)

7aki: As I remember, we used wide flat skewers before, but no use...
next time I'll try the bread crumbs,, 3ala ms2oleytek :)

amjad mahfouz: ma 3ash el joo3, midd eadak...

yzoon: stay tuned, and you'll see more... :)