Thursday, May 10, 2007

What do you do when you are bored?

Boredom is one of the worse feelings for me.
When people feels bored, some of them go out and walk, others try to sleep...
For myself, I turn on the TV and start clicking on the remote with no purpose, and if I am at work, I stumble the web.

Some people has annoying and sometimes weired way for killing time;
In my company they are allowing the MSN messenger, sometimes when I am in the middle of my work somebody starts a conversation like this:

He: "Hey
ДншдЬ, are you there?"
Me: "Hi He"
He: "Ana garfaaaaaan o 5aff 3agli, keef elwa9'e3 3endak?"
He(after 7awali 5 min.): "sheklak msh3'ool!!!"
Me: "Ah wallah"
He: "Walla ana kaman 23 min. barawwe7. when are you leaving?"
Me(after 9 min.): "ma b3ref"
He: "wallah bokra shekli mish mdawem, bs sho beddi a7ki la 3abbas"
<--- 3abbas here is not a real name...
He(after 5 min.): "Shoft elyom sho 9ar m3 xxx?"
Me: "ah, 3refet" <--- 3ad ana wala b3ref meen xxx
He: "Ana mrawwe7, salam"
@#^%^$*&): "Hala"

Another weired way I knew about yesterday;
my phone number is 07abcdef34 (where a,b,c,d,e and f are constants :) ), I got a missed call from the number 07abcdef35, and he continued missed-call me all the day.
I finally called him, but he didn't response.

Hey 07abcdef35, for God sake, try to missed-call 07abcdef36!!!


kinzi said...

LOL. Only because when you are a parent, you don't have time to be bored anymore!

Ahmad Saleh said...

No, I'm happy with my boredom.
when I get really bored, I might think about getting married... :)